BAMBA Swim 2017 New Arrivals


BAMBA Swim 2017 New Arrivals are now in store and online!

Just incase you missed it the talented label released their A/W 2017 campaign last week.

3 Stylist secrets you need to try


Today we are bringing you the stylist secrets you need to try! Have you ever wondered how celebrities can pull off trends that seem to never work in real life? From wearing plunging tops without a bra to seemingly always look so perfectly in proportion body wise. The celebrity stylists are spilling their secrets as to how they work their magic for red carpet events and these are some serious stylist tricks you need to try!

Favourite Silk Pieces


Introducing our favourite silk pieces at SARAFOX & Co.

A fun shoot with our beautiful Bella, featuring some of our favourite silk pieces at the moment. The best off duty model style is to team a silk piece with vintage look denim. A timeless look that you can wear day or night.