Shop New Dylan Kain at SARAFOX & Co


Shop New Dylan Kain at SARAFOX & Co.

We are excited to announce a new drop of Dylan Kain to SARAFOX & Co.
Shop our latest Dylan Kain collection and channel that inner ultimate cool girl. Bags, belts and wallets, it will be hard to say no to these bad-boys.

2018 Derby Day Trends


2018 Derby Day Trends

2018 has been an inspiring year for all things fashion ground-breaking. So, what better way to end this trend-setting year than with the perfect Derby Day ensemble?  A nice little prelude into the well-anticipated 2018 Melbourne Cup.

Meghan Markle Sets 2018 Trends


Theres a new trend setter on the scene, Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex and wife to Prince Harry, Ms. Markle is also a total trend setter for 2018.

Summer Dresses You Need To Be Wearing


Summer Dresses you need to be Wearing

Summer is right around the corner and who isn’t ready to whip off those blue jeans worn all last season, and slap on an easy and cool Summer Dress.

Summer is like a haven for all things easy-wear and our wardrobes could not thank us enough. Whether you’re into mini dresses, midi dresses or maxi dresses, it is time to upgrade all three with the latest Summer Dress 2019 trends.