Shop the New Peony Swim at SARAFOX & Co


Shop the New Peony Swim at SARAFOX & Co.

The sun is out and whats better than living in your favourite set of bikinis all Summer long?  Easiest wardrobe attire ever!

The new Peony Swim has dropped to SARAFOX & co, and we can’t wait to upgrade our¬†swimsuit wardrobe! Shop the new pieces and feel your best this Summer.

Prepare to get your wallets out ladies, as you will struggle to say no to these bad-boys.

Shop the New Cat Eye Ray-Bans at SARAFOX & Co.


Shop the New Cat Eye Raybans

We love the new take on this Iconic Style!

The new cat eye Ray-bans are everything your outfit needs this Summer. Alluding to the day’s of Audrey Hepburn, where we walked around dreaming of Tiffany’s and breakfast. This style is all things class, sophistication and a little bit of edge.