Must Have Footwear This 2019 Summer!


Although Copenhagen fashion week brought back the flipflop, and James Smith the leather slide. This 2019 Summer is proving very well, all things exciting and unique footwear.

Welcome the MARA & MINE mules, loafers and slides to SARAFOX & Co. You are NOT going to want to miss out on these distinctive pieces this 2019 Summer.

5 Trends from 2018 that Must go!


The 5 trends you must ditch this 2019 Spring/Summer!

Now that 2018 is coming to a close, it is time for certain fashion trends to do the same. This doesn’t mean they are done forever, but 2019 entails a slightly different vibe. New year, New you, right? It is time to ditch the bumbag and shop the mini tote. As a slight revamp of your wardrobe, is now necessary.

The 2018 Frill Trend

Are Frills the New, Everything?

We seem to have seen it all this year. With boisterous patterns, outrageous colours or stripped back neutral ensembles. But December has brought a classic style back into the Fashion arena. And perfectly in-time for the warmer months ahead. Say hello to the Frill trend. It is, everywhere!

Shop the New Arrivals


Shop all the New Arrivals here at SARAFOX & Co and gear up your Summer 2019 wardrobe. Prepare to feel your best this event Season.

Whether you are looking for an outfit for Christmas day, or something fun for New Year’s Eve, SARAFOX & Co have got you covered.

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Shop The 2018 Accessories Trend Pearl and Shell Jewellery


Whats Trending?

The latter end of 2018 saw a rise in all things Pearls and Shell jewellery.
Now, we don’t mean the pearls found in your grandmother’s jewellery box, or the shells worn by beach lovers and the ocean obsessed. The accessories world has been taken by total storm with this new trend…. And heres why.