2019 Says Hello To Suits, Browns and Burgundy!


2019 Says hello to Suits, Browns and Burgundy! 

We say move on over Black. As Burgundy and shades of brown are totally taking over the winter colour trend.

Let's face it, we are coming to the end of the summer season, and it is time we begin to focus on the newer trends and colours. From the likes of Acne Studio to Antonio Grimaldi, we were graced by all things neutrally toned, burgundy and brown. At this years, 2019 Paris Fashion Week.

Although there are changes for what colours to expect this Winter, the suiting trend is in fact, here to stay. Moving on from the over-sized boyish look however, we have learnt a new way to style your suit jacket and pant.

Take a look at our new arrivals, to gain inspiration about how you can dress this 2019 winter.

The Marguerite Blazer 

By Camilla & Marc

Camilla and Marc Margeurite Blazer at SARAFOX & Co

Steering away from the almost dress-like suit jacket, as seen in the previous Spring/Summer season. This Winter celebrates more fitted and feminine blazer styles. Showcased by this seasons Camilla & Marc collection.

The Marguerite Blazer in colour biscuit, is a structured and single breasted blazer, that comes in at the waist. The colour is on-trend and versatile for a number of outfits and events. The gold button detailing is elegant and luxe.

Shop the Marguerite Blazer by Camilla & Marc now at SARAFOX & Co. 

The Bramwell Pant 

By Viktoria and Woods 

The Bramwell Pant by Viktoria and Woods at SARAFOX & Co

The Bramwell Pant by Viktoria and Woods is the perfect wardrobe staple. To wear on its own or with a corresponding or unique to its own, blazer. This look is flattering and elongates the leg. Full length, tailored and worn on the waist, the Bramwell Pant is crafted in a distinct and signature bamboo blend fabric.

This look is modern in design but will become a timeless item in your wardrobe.

Shop the Bramwell Pant by Viktoria and Woods at SARAFOX & Co. 

Juliana Blazer 

By Camilla & Marc 

Juliana Blazer by C&M at SARAFOX & Co

The Juliana Blazer really is a stand out piece. Fitted on the body and in a stunning pastel blue, this number is a modern take on a traditional and classic style. Double breasted for more of an androgynous look and fit, the Juliana Blazer features shoulder pads and structured pockets.

Finished with distinct black buttons, you've got yourself the perfect outerwear addition to your 2019 winter wardrobe.

Shop the Juliana Blazer by Camilla & Marc now.  

Shop the new arrivals at SARAFOX & Co and gear up your 2019 Winter wardrobe.