The Top 2019 Winter Jewellery Trends You Must Know About


New Jewellery Trends You Must Know About For Winter

A strong jewellery game is not a new trend, but for this upcoming winter we have noticed a number of differing ways you can wear your favourite pieces. From layering fine gold necklaces, to the beloved pearls and shells, learn how you can wear all the new arrivals, just like your favourite go-to style bloggers. Here they are ladies, the top 2019 winter jewellery trends you need to know.

Personalised Necklaces

Yes! Let's reminisce over the 90's when the coolest thing to be wearing around your neck, apart from your BFF heart necklace, was your initial. Well, this trend is a blast from the past as Reliquia has introduced the cutest personalised pieces.

Letter Necklace

By Reliquia


The Letter Necklace by Reliquia is stunningly dramatic. Made from an 18k gold filled necklace and with a gothic style lettered pendant, this piece will become an outfit staple.

Shop the Letter Necklace by Reliquia at SARAFOX & Co now. 

The Zodiac Necklace

By Reliquia


The Reliquia Zodiac Necklace is the perfect personal touch to any outfit. It's fine gold chain holds a stunning 18k gold filled and embossed zodiac pendant. Working as an update from Reliquia's quintessential pendant style, you aren't going to want to be seen in anything else.

Shop the Reliquia Zodiac Necklace now at SARAFOX & Co. 

Zodiac Necklace

By Sarah & Sebastian


Alternatively, shop the Sarah & Sebastian Zodiac Necklace. This necklace is petite, refined and quaint. Sitting delicately atop the collarbone, this is a personal piece to keep forever.

Shop the Sarah & Sebastian Zodiac Necklace now at SARAFOX & Co. 

Shell Jewellery Remains a Favourite

Although shell jewellery became a huge trend for all things accessories in 2018, it continues to remain a favourite for 2019. Channel your ultimate beach-loving babe and shop all the shell inspired jewellery pieces at SARAFOX & Co today.

The Cowrie Necklace 

By Primavera 

Shell Necklace Reqliquia SARAFOX & Co

The Primavera Cowrie Necklace is a stunning addition to your jewellery box. In a distinct gold coating and shell detailing, this little number looks and feels luxe. Perfect for dressing up a particular outfit or to feel your most special over those nicer dinners and occasions.

Shop the Primavera Cowrie Necklace now at SARAFOX & Co. 


Pearls will forever be an accessories must have and staple. Taking the jewellery game by storm, they no longer fall into just the classics category.

Made for the cool girl or for the minimalist, designers have gone beyond just the classic round cuts and shapes. With asymmetrical details or rougher finishes, pearls will remain one of the biggest accessories trends to date.

Lita Earrings

By Reliquia

Brooke Testoni wearing Reliquia Lita Earrings

Among the new pieces Reliquia has on offer here at SARAFOX & Co, the stunning and dramatic Lita Earrings are an obvious favourite. With hanging pearl detailing, this piece is distinct, feminine and playful.

Shop the Lita Earrings now at SARAFOX & Co. 

Two Perle Necklace

By Sarah & Sebastian

Two Perle Necklace by Sarah & Sebastian at SARAFOX & Co

The Sarah & Sebastian Two Perle Necklace defines the word elegance. Refined and delicate, the Two Perle Necklace is 10k yellow gold and features two 3mm white pearls suspended by a wire bound pendant on a fine gold chain.

Shop the Sarah & Sebastian Two Perle Necklace at SARAFOX & Co today.

We hope you love these trends just as much as we do.