Shop New Maria Farro at SARAFOX & Co


Shop New Maria Farro at SARAFOX & Co

Shop the new Maria Farro trend here at SARAFOX & Co. We are obsessing over this look!

This season we venture into a trend one may not have expected...

That's right ladies, if you haven't already guessed it, flip flops are back! The humble thong has been given an update fro Summer 2019.

Join us in welcoming the cutest new footwear trend, kindly showcased by a SARAFOX & Co favourite... The Maria Farro JENNA Flip Flop. So cute!

Who knew Flip Flops could look so damn fashionable?

Jenna Flip Flop by Maria Farro in Black Leather

Shop the Maria Farro JENNA flip flops online or in-store at SARAFOX & Co.

We thank the street style derived from Copenhagen Fashion Week, where ladies illustrated a total footwear revelation. Whether you are wearing a pair of paper bag pants or a floral maxi dress, a solid pair of flip flops is the new go to.

Thong Trend by Copenhagen Fashion Week

Alluding a romantic grecian holiday or a day out on a boat sailing across the southern coast of Italy, this comfortable, durable and premium leather shoe is all you will be wearing this Summer.

JENNA FLIP FLOP by Maria Farro available at SARAFOX & Co

With barefoot constructs, the JENNA flip flop is lightweight and soft. With a gorgeous cross strap detailing and leather sole for longevity and comfort, you will ask yourself why you have been anything else!

This gorgeous take on a total classic goes with just about anything and makes footwear easy.

Join the trend and shop yours at SARAFOX & Co.