Welcome Equal Beauty to SARAFOX & Co.


We are pretty excited to be stocking our first beauty line, Equal Beauty by Jessica Gomes. Not only is the packaging beautiful, the contents are equally so. As Jess puts it "the products are designed to deliver both a drink and shield to the skin." All of which are fragrance free which means, no irritation to even the most sensitive skin.

We all know that Japan and Korea are the leaders in face masks and that is exactly where Equal Beauty went to source the recipe for each product. Ingredients are also derived from Jess' homeland, Australia.

Equal Beauty is currently comprised of 5 products - the essentials in your skincare routine.

The Equal Beauty Cleansing Cloth

The Cleansing Cloth offers 30 textured ultra-mesh cloth pads containing Natural Moisturising Factors. These babies have been designed to remove the most stubborn makeup, dirt and sebum after a long day.

The Equal Beauty Moisture Veil Face and Eye Masks

The Moisture Veil Face Masks utilise 3D Sculpting mask technology that follows the contours of your face for optimal skin contact. The pack of 5 face masks work to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while you relax for 15 minutes. For those wanting to get rid of a puffy under eye after the festive season, they also has an eye mask.

The Equal Beauty Serum

At SARAFOX & Co. we are obsessed with serums for a glowing complexion. Not to mention you wake up with the smoothest skin after lathering it on the night before. The Serum contains Vitamin C designed to optimise skin’s capacity to attract and sustain glow-giving hydration.

The Equal Beauty Super Mist

Finally the Super Mist is the perfect hydrating tool this Summer. It also contains Polluscreen, which acts as a defense shield from environmental pollution. Love it.

equal beauty by Jessica Gomes | SARAFOX & Co